Reflection: Adjustments to Practice Closing Up Our Writing by Summing Up the Main Ideas - Section 4: Closing the Loop


This lesson went really well with regards to the writing a summary of their main ideas because they referred back to their outlines and could easily restate their points. Two problems with this were that many did just that - simply restate their facts thinking that was enough. Their sentences were short and non-descriptive. Sad because they didn't realize the importance of ending as strongly as they began. I think a good strategy would be to teach an additional lesson that shows them good endings well known authors (and maybe a few poor examples for comparison) use and to have them relate this back to the story. Then when I ask them how it helps the readers, they would be able to relate more to how it helped them rather than what they shared with me - it helped them know when the story ended. Yikes! We have work to do.    

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  Adjustments to Practice: Purpose Still Not Known
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Closing Up Our Writing by Summing Up the Main Ideas

Unit 9: Step-By-Step to Producing Amazing Research Presentations!
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Objective: SWBAT...write a strong concluding paragraph that summarizes the main ideas of the research essay

Big Idea: The closing paragraph restates the outlined points of the essay and helps our readers remember the information we want to share with them. Its our chance to reflect on what we learned, too!

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