Reflection: Modeling Green Eggs and Ham - Section 3: Writing Activity


For my ELL students to meet the CCSS high expectations, I find I need to do a lot of modeling and front loading of information.  I can't read a story and get a decent writing from it.  My students wouldn't understand half of what went on.  I have to have multiple discussions like I did with asking them the 5 W's for each different setting.  I need to re-enforce what an opinion is like I did with the graph.  They had to declare an opinion in order to write their sentence.  I then modeled the opinion sentence using a sentence frame and the predictable chart.  After all the priming, I got descent writing and great comprehension.  It was a successful activity.

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Green Eggs and Ham

Unit 9: Dr. Seuss
Lesson 5 of 5

Objective: SWBAT engage in conversation to identify the 5 W's of the story and write whether we like green eggs & ham or do not like green eggs & ham.

Big Idea: We will talk about the 5 W's of the story and write whether we like green eggs & ham or do not like green eggs & ham.

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English / Language Arts, conversation, discussions, story
  50 minutes
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