Reflection: Gradual Release Daisy Head Maizie - Section 3: Writing Activity


As a teacher I have a control issue.  I am very strict and structured.  I feel I need to be that way in order to meet all the CCSS.  But today I tried to step back and let my students come up with the sentences.  I did do some prompting.  But, not much.  I was very pleased that they could meet the standards I set for this lesson without my controlling every step.  I am very proud of their efforts today.

  Letting go of control
  Gradual Release: Letting go of control
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Daisy Head Maizie

Unit 9: Dr. Seuss
Lesson 3 of 5

Objective: SWBAT engage in a discussion about the characters, settings and events in the story, then produce an informative paper.

Big Idea: We will discuss the different characters, settings and events in the story and write about the main character and event.

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English / Language Arts, conversation, discussions, story
  55 minutes
daisy class
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