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It's no secret that it is difficult to plan lessons around reading assignments that students are required to complete outside of class.  When students show up to class not having done the required reading, a teacher is constantly having to readjust so that meaningful instruction can still occur.

I wish I knew the remedy for this, but I have at least discovered a few approaches that sometimes work:

* With shorter texts, such as The House on Mango Street, we did most of the reading in class.

* When a text is long enough so that a good deal of it must be read outside of class, maintain weekly, whole-group reading sessions, so that you can participate in the reading by modeling, pausing to discuss, explain, etc.

* Require reading comprehension activities with outside reading assignments, such as dialectic journaling or focus-question development.

* Reading quizzes not only assess whether or not students are keeping up with their reading, but also have the tendency to reignite interest in a text through the post-quiz discussions.

* Interspersing small clips of the film version of a text throughout a unit also have the tendency to rekindle interest.

Will some students still not complete their reading?  Of course.  However, the numbers may grow smaller by incorporating one, some, or all of the above.

  When Students Don't Do Their Reading
  Student Ownership: When Students Don't Do Their Reading
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Dear Walter: Please Come Back To School

Unit 6: Bad Boy Part II
Lesson 1 of 11

Objective: SWBAT to use evidence from key chapters of Bad Boy to help them determine what purpose, argument, audience, and persona to consider when organizing a letter to Myers as the 16-year-old high school drop-out.

Big Idea: Knowing your audience means getting what you want or need.

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