Reflection: Gradual Release Who Are These People, and Can They be Compared? - Section 3: Closure


I like the idea of the kids following this activity with the writing of their own detailed autobiography, but chose not to include it as a major part in this lesson.  Starting with the book jackets is a great way to involve them in the process, have fun creating a great title.  We've done a LOT of writing recently, and this lesson fell at a time when they needed a break.  I look forward to returning to the concept in the future, although they did write mini-autobiographies inside the book jacket.


  Just a Start to Autobiographies
  Gradual Release: Just a Start to Autobiographies
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Who Are These People, and Can They be Compared?

Unit 13: Comparison City
Lesson 7 of 8

Objective: TSWBAT compare autobiographies and create a book jacket of their own future publication.

Big Idea: After reading other people's autobiographies, think of yourself!

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