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As a teacher I feel like I am always assessing my students.  But most of the assessments are for isolated skills.  I like to use activities like this one to assess what I taught today.  It is amazing how easy this activity lends itself to assessing not only the student but my instruction.  I can use this activity to determine if I did properly instruct to the CCSS and if my students comprehended what I taught.  I like to keep some of their really good writing samples for parent/teacher conferences or their portfolio.

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One fish, Two fish

Unit 9: Dr. Seuss
Lesson 2 of 5

Objective: SWBAT engage in conversation about the characters, setting and story events, then producing a narrative paper.

Big Idea: We will converse about the details of the story and then write about one of the events including the characters and setting.

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English / Language Arts, conversation, discussions, story
  50 minutes
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