Reflection: Flexibility Mae Jemison: Using Complex text with topic, main ideas & supporting details - Section 5: Independent Practice


My ELL co-teacher was out with a sick child today, so we did not do independent rotations.  Instead, we gradually released the guided practice (Scholars identified the main idea of each paragraph and I modeled how to think about the main idea of the page, then scholars completed the rest of the pages in partnerships).  During the partner practice time, I pulled the yellow group to the front to support their thinking. 

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Mae Jemison: Using Complex text with topic, main ideas & supporting details

Unit 2: Give it All You've Got! - Part I
Lesson 11 of 16

Objective: SWBAT analyze complex text to identify topic, main ideas and supporting details

Big Idea: Analyzing a text with multiple MAIN IDEAS is tough - Let's (try to) make it easier!

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English / Language Arts, character actions, summarizing, summary
  95 minutes
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