Reflection: Discourse and Questioning Linear Expressions and Word Problems - Section 2: Gallery Walk and Discussion


Here is an example of incorrect matches between expression and statement and how we discussed these ideas.

Statement A - Adult tickets were $15 each.  Student tickets were $10 each.  We bought several adult tickets and one student ticket.

The correct expression is 15x + 10.  The most common incorrect expressions were 10x + 15 and 15x + 10x.

Several students picked 10x + 15 as the matching expression.  

-> "What do the 10, 15, and x represent in the problem?"  [student ticket, adult ticket, number of tickets]

-> "How many adult tickets were bought? How many student tickets were bought? How do we find the total cost of adult tickets?"

If students picked 15x + 10x.

-> "What does this expression tell us about the number of adult tickets and student tickets that were bought?" [The same amount of each type of ticket was bought.]

It was always helpful to replace the variable with an actual value.  

-> "How much would we spend if we bought 3 adult tickets and one student ticket? How would you calculate this?" 

Students were able to see their misconceptions through this questioning.  Now I just have to get students comfortable with asking these types of questions for themselves!

  Talking Through Misconceptions
  Discourse and Questioning: Talking Through Misconceptions
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Linear Expressions and Word Problems

Unit 4: Expressions and Equations
Lesson 4 of 20

Objective: SWBAT write and match linear expressions to word problems

Big Idea: Students analyze and match algebraic expressions to word problems. Students then write some algebraic expressions to represent word problems.

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