Reflection: Connection to Prior Knowledge Units of Time - Section 2: Skill Building/Exploration


I find that consistency helps some students.  Using Common Core standards allow for the use of various strategies and techniques.  This is great, but sometimes when you find a technique that works, you should continue to use it.  As we have worked on converting units, I have found that the students making their own table has worked perfectly.  The students seem to grasp the concept of using the measurement from the chart, putting it in a table, and filling in the table with the missing numbers.  There seems to be a connection with understanding what their table means.  They know when they have converted from a smaller unit to a larger unit, or a larger unit to a smaller unit.  This is evident in the multiplication or division sentence that the students use.

  Connection to Prior Knowledge: Consistency
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Units of Time

Unit 8: Measurement and Data
Lesson 13 of 15

Objective: SWBAT convert from one unit of time to another unit of time by multiplying or dividing.

Big Idea: A table can be used to model converting between units of time by multiplying or dividing.

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