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A couple things I'd do differently with the lesson plan...the first, giving the kids a specific topic to write about.  I should have done a little integration with science or social studies to reinforce something they'd learned.  Having them write whatever they wanted was fine, but one boy actually tried to write nothing but, "Hi Jim hi Jim hi Jim hi Jim...." Asking them to write about a concept would avoid the silliness, and make the sentences more interesting at the same time.

A second change is to alter plans according to the weather.  My original intention was to take the kids out to the playground area to write their sentences on the receipt tape.  There is plenty of room to stretch out and lots of good surfaces.  It also gives everyone a chance to break from the regular routine.  We don't have a lot of weather change in Arizona, but on this day it was incredibly windy.  I should have waited for the next normal day, but persevered.  Some kids still wanted to go outside, which I allowed due to many kids all over the room with receipt tape.  Although the pictures may not show it, there were obvious complications with this.

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Compromise Those Run-On Sentences

Unit 4: Grammar Greats
Lesson 9 of 10

Objective: TSWBAT fix run-on sentences using receipt tape and punctuation.

Big Idea: Strip and Cut Run-On Sentences!

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