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At first glance, this lesson may seem well aligned to SL1; it features preparation for discussion and a discussion in which all students are expected to participate. However, alignment to me is more than just completing an activity. Alignment means I ask my class to focus on the skill for the skill's sake, intentionally asking them to practice and improve. I didn't do that today; instead, I asked students to focus on the content. The end result for me? A lesson which utilizes but does not necessarily feature a standard. There is a difference.

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  Standards Alignment: Is This Really Aligned?
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Discussing the Topic of Equality

Unit 6: Purpose Across Multiple Texts
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Objective: SWBAT access prior knowledge by discussing equality as they currently understand it.

Big Idea: Equality--what is it? How do we know? Why does it matter?

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English / Language Arts, equality (American Govt), discussions, equality, analyze details, comparison, historical background
  30 minutes
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