Reflection: Intervention and Extension Drafting An Outline - Section 2: Individual Practice: Creating A Draft Of An Outline


One of the goals I have for this entire research project is for students to make decisions on their own. I think it's important, especially by this time in the year, to see whether or not students can handle independent work. It's not just seeing if they are able to manage their time wisely but also if they can apply knowledge independent of teacher guidance. Many of my students what to do what's right and they assume that what is right is what I want. The rely on me too much and I want them to learn how to rely on themselves as writers. In this lesson, I want students to be able to make important decisions as to how they want to structure their outline. I refuse to tell them what they must have but I hope that they can make these decisions on their own. Many students are able to rise to this occasion. For those students that can't I look at why they are unable to do so. Is it a matter of lacking basic skills or motivation? Some students need a certain nudge to help them make these decisions on how to structure their outline.

  To Be Independent Or Not
  Intervention and Extension: To Be Independent Or Not
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Drafting An Outline

Unit 6: Research Paper: Influential Lives Part II
Lesson 12 of 14

Objective: SWBAT draft a formal outline for a research paper.

Big Idea: Creating a rough draft makes life a breeze. Sometimes.

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