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As previous assignments such as this one, it is important to remember to pair your students appropriately so that each student meets with success and has a meaningful experience.

I make sure to pair my students, or in some cases have a group of three, where there is a more advanced student working with a lower performing student. I have the more advanced student read the word to the lower performing student so they are able to make the verbal connection to the word they are "reading" and recording on their recording sheet. If the student does not hear the word and understand the word they are looking at, then the all the lower performing student is doing is writing a bunch of words down without knowing what they are.

When possible I interject while the students are recording and ask the students to use the particular sight word they are recording in a sentence. This helps to create more meaning with the words as the students use it in a real world application.     

  Student Grouping: Differentiation
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Travel Around the Room

Unit 11: Transportation
Lesson 2 of 9

Objective: Students will be able to recognize and read high frequency words with increasing automaticity.

Big Idea: Travelling around the classroom looking for sight words builds foundational reading skills in a fun interactive way.

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