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For this activity it is very important to group the students so that they meet with success. I choose to pair my students - one more advanced student paired with a lower performing student. Pairing the students this way allows one student to read the word and then both students note it down together. The mower performing student is able to see and hear the word being read and then have the physical experience with the word through noting it on their recording sheet.

If I did not pair a reader with a non-reader, the non-reader would only go through the motions of noting down words they saw on stars around the room without recognizing them for the sight words that they are.

As I followed some pairs around the room I challenged the students to come up with a sentence using the sight word they had just found. This reinforced the sight words meaning for the lower performing students as they heard the word used in context.   

  Student Grouping: Differentiation
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Shoot for the Stars!

Unit 17: Solar System
Lesson 5 of 9

Objective: Students will be able to recognize and read high frequency words with increasing automaticity.

Big Idea: Going on a “rocket” trip around the classroom looking for sight words builds foundational reading skills in a fun interactive way.

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English / Language Arts, Native American literature, opinion, setting, literacy, sentance
  60 minutes
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