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When I began teaching I had the students making a book using /sp/ blend words. When the Common Core Standards began being used in the county I changed this lesson to a sorting activity. I did this because I wanted to see if the students truly had the concept of being able to recognize the /sp/ blend which met with standard RF.K.2c. The sorting of items with or without the /sp/ blend increased the rigor of the task.

The student now has to recognize the item itself, say the items name, recognize if the word uses the /sp/ blend and then place it in the correct category on the recording sheet. My more advanced students also had to label the items for clarification.

This activity now helps me to see if my students are truly developing the ability to recognize blends by giving me a visual record on a recording sheet which can be placed in their portfolios.  

  Rigor: Design
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Spring is Here!

Unit 17: Solar System
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Objective: Students will be able to recognize and write the blend /sp/ as part of practicing grade level phonics.

Big Idea: Sorting picture items helps the students begin to recognize the blend /sp/, which helps build fluency when reading.

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