Reflection: Student Ownership Revising Reflection: Determining Relevance in a Personal Writing - Section 3: Applying Knowledge: Reviewing the Content and Sequence


Writing is the one skill I know they will use in whatever career path they take.  Ok, well reading too. Even though they are writing a narrative, I try to get the to write as if they are creating something valuable. It is a tool they can use to recruit other volunteers or explain the significance of an organization to our community.  

I want them to feel empowered by what they have to say about community service to really own it.  As I looked at the drafts my students brought class, I was overwhelmed by the me-ness of them.  Narrative equals story of myself seems to be stuck in their brains.  I finally had to tell them to consider where they volunteered. How were they a small part of that organization reaching its goals.

It is hard for sophomores to think bigger than themselves.  I am open to suggestions if you know ways of writing narratives that will help my students embrace the bigger picture. 

  Moving toward independence
  Student Ownership: Moving toward independence
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Revising Reflection: Determining Relevance in a Personal Writing

Unit 11: New Beginnings, Community Identities, and Remembrances
Lesson 7 of 8

Objective: SWBAT write and revise reflective essays by participating in self and peer revision of their service learning essays.

Big Idea: Students revise essays based on common parameters for unique service-learning experiences.

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