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There are several ways to assess student understanding. One is with a traditional paper and pencil task. Here students are directed to do specific, clearly defined tasks. The fraction assessment was a traditional task where students had to identify fractional parts, or label fractions. On this task all students demonstrated mastery.

I could have stopped here, but I designed the project to ask them to apply their understanding to the creation of shapes and fractional parts. Here, student understanding was challenged at a deeper level of thinking. It is more difficult to create a shape and then think of part of it being missing, than it is to just circle a shape divided into fractional parts.

I had to listen to student thinking, to make sure I understood whether they had indeed displayed an understanding of fractional parts. Several students drew a small shape and labeled it as one third. When I questioned them, they told me that the other 2 parts were not in the picture, but they would look like (and they would show me what the rest of the shape might look like). These students were demonstrating an understanding of a fraction as a part of a whole. Their understanding was actually deeper than I realized before having them complete the project. 

  Paper and pencil verses application project
  Performance Tasks: Paper and pencil verses application project
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Fraction Assessment

Unit 9: Fractions
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Objective: SWBAT demonstrate their understanding of 2G3 through a variety of fraction tasks

Big Idea: It is important to assess student understanding of the standards before moving on.

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