Reflection: Student Self-Assessment Mushroom Man Day 2 - Section 5: Self-Assessments


Student self-assessment was explicit because of the Shared Inquiry Rubric used.  Students explained their reasoning for the score they gave themselves.  Although my students are getting more comfortable communicating their needs as well as their strengths to others, it is still a work in progress (see resource).  Some students needed a little prodding to get through their self-assessment.

This process was first modeled and role played in the beginning of the school year.  Now students consider it a routine part of each lesson.  So, they have plenty of chances to practice.  Once students conduct their self, assessments, the next steps for students involve setting their own goals based on these results.

  Student Self-Assessment: Rubrics
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Mushroom Man Day 2

Unit 9: Shared Inquiry Discussion 2
Lesson 2 of 10

Objective: SWBAT participate in thoughtful dialogue and open debate driven by an interpretive question.

Big Idea: How do you incorporate interpretive questions into shared inquiry discussions ?

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English / Language Arts, shared inquiry, Self, discourse, interpretive questions, shared inquiry discussion
  60 minutes
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