Reflection: Checks for Understanding Preparing to Craft Our Social Commentaries - Section 4: Proposal Drafts


I always find it interesting how some students struggle more than others with the creative process. I guess it shouldn't. Every learner is different and each of us approaches our process differently. 

Today, I had about half of my students complete their proposals as exit tickets. They whipped them out, handed them to me and moved on with life. The other half of my class approached me with questions and ideas and really looked to my guidance to make sure they were on the "right" track. 

I worry a little about the students who finished really quickly as I worry that they aren't going to treat this assignment with the level of care/focus that I want them to. I haven't read their proposals yet, so I guess I will have a better gauge on their thinking once I do. 

I'm curious, though. How do you cope with students finishing things much faster than you think they should or much faster than their traditionally more diligent peers? 

  Checks for Understanding: Struggle
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Preparing to Craft Our Social Commentaries

Unit 15: Argument: Analyzing and Creating Social Commentary
Lesson 6 of 9

Objective: SWBAT apply knowledge of language to make effective choices for purpose and style by planning the structure and message of a social commentary.

Big Idea: How does genre influence message? Today students will consider this question as they plan their social commentary drafts/process.

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