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At this age it is a VERY big deal for students to get up to speak in front of their peers as themselves. To do so in a "role" -as I am asking them to do -is even bigger, so I am very careful about honoring the performance that they put forth. I sudden when I see teachers who are not careful about this. Belittling your students is a not only against every teaching standard, but is a lose-lose for you and the student. Your student loses whatever confidence and comfort he had and you loose whatever respect he may have had for you.

My strategy - I am not a harsh critic at all when students deliver a performance like this.  As a rule, I prepare the audience by reminding them that they will all be getting up and all have the same goals.

When they complete their "scene" I applaud my students efforts and make two quick comments one positive and one suggestion. It is very important to me that students support on another, and I want to be an example of that, so in addition to this, you'll notice that the voting at the end of the day is not based on performance.  It is based on a combination of factors that result in one script being a better -"seamless" fit into the Scholastic Scope version.

  Honoring the Performance
  Performance Tasks: Honoring the Performance
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Our Classroom's the Stage

Unit 11: Drama Unit
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Objective: SWBAT perform the portion of the play they have selected incorporating the soliloquy they wrote.

Big Idea: The play's the thing...

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