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To do this lesson again I might adjust how students share their ideas with their math family groups. To reinforce the expectation of responding to student graffiti with details, explanations, answers, and questions, I might try having them do a silent share. Rather than taking turns reading their ideas to each other I might have them switch warm up papers and respond to each others ideas in writing. In the interest of time I might have them just switch once and suggest that they can add to their partner's ideas with labels, examples, drawings, explanations, vocabulary, or they can ask for clarification in writing. This may improve the quality of the feedback on the graffiti posters. Maybe after students have a chance to see the feedback from one peer the group can then take time to share all their ideas with each other.

  Responding to each other
  Diverse Entry Points: Responding to each other
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Percent Graffiti

Unit 8: Exploring Rational Numbers
Lesson 15 of 20

Objective: SWBAT make connections between different representations of rational numbers and the concept of proportion.

Big Idea: Students discuss similarities and differences between different representations.

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Math, Vocabulary and Concept Development, proportions, Fractions, Number Sense and Operations, Decimals, percent, prior knowledge, Group activity, ratios, peer instruction, Misconceptions, rational numbers
  54 minutes
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