Reflection: Checks for Understanding Instant Replay of "Two Kinds" by Amy Tan: Reading closely to answer TDQ's - Section 4: Sharing out Responses to questions


As I reviewed the responses for the first and last questions on the back of the chart (questions 5 and 9), I noted that most students did not do well on the last question. My students seem to struggle with analyzing how style contributes to the meaning of the text. I wanted students to note that the author uses a less formal style of speaking when the mother speaks and a more formal style for the daughter. The mother has more traditional ideas about how the daughter should behave. Her way of speaking shows that she grew up in a different society and highlights the differences between the mother and daughter. I noticed that most students struggled with understanding what the question was asking AND they struggled with drawing at least three conclusions as the question asks them to. This lets me know that we need more reinforcement with how to analyze author's style.


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Instant Replay of "Two Kinds" by Amy Tan: Reading closely to answer TDQ's

Unit 12: Making My Point: "Two Kinds" and Emilie Davis Diaries
Lesson 1 of 2

Objective: SWBAT make inferences and draw conclusions about characters by charting them and answering text-dependent questions.

Big Idea: Students do an instant replay of each scene from "Two Kinds" by Amy Tan by re-reading with purpose.

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