Reflection: Accountability Tip a Word on its Side and See What Spills Out! - Section 3: Independent writing


In my classroom the students sit at table groups and each person (1-4) has a job that rotates: Leader, Encourager, Materials Manager, and Time Keeper.

In this lesson, the Leader came up to me and got the task card, practiced reading it and then told me what they were going to say to their teammates.  This didn't take very long and was very effective in delegating responsibility for the lesson task and for developing accountability.

This is an amazing strategy because it moves the responsibility onto the students.  It was very effective.  First of all, the poetry task was easy for them.  Most kids love writing acrostic poems- and they had fun listening to their "leader" give the directions.  I can't wait to use this strategy again and again.  I think I might rotate the roles after every subject change.  For instance, if student A was the leader during reading, when we transition to science the roles will also rotate.  I think this might be an effective way to let students experience all the roles throughout the day.

Alternatively, a teacher could decide to rotate roles daily.  I am going to try it out and see what works best. 

  Using table leaders to delegate tasks
  Accountability: Using table leaders to delegate tasks
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Tip a Word on its Side and See What Spills Out!

Unit 11: Spark the Poet Inside: Writing Poems
Lesson 2 of 9

Objective: SWBAT generate a word or phrase they like and use it to write an acrostic poem.

Big Idea: Creativity! Poetry is creating Art with Words!

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