Reflection: Checks for Understanding Found Poems - Section 3: Engagement and Practice


My students need to continue to build their understanding of how the form of the poem affects meaning and prosody.  My purpose for having students read their dictionary entry on the rug to a partner was to give them practice in making choices about:

1. How to read a dictionary entry (sometimes not that easy)

2. Determining which word to choose,

3. Practicing how to read the very same entry in two different ways.

4.  Thinking ahead about how am I going to construct my poem.

Target vocabulary

         * stanzas?


         *single words?

         *short lines?

        * long lines?


#Tip:  Use your knowledge of students and pull a small group up to the rug  and explicitly teach students the meaning of these words through hands on activities.  One example is to have a variety of poems photocopied for students to analyze and label the forms using the target vocabulary. 

I did this to set them up for success in the independent portion of the lesson.  



  Active Engagement: Vocabulary
  Checks for Understanding: Active Engagement: Vocabulary
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Found Poems

Unit 11: Spark the Poet Inside: Writing Poems
Lesson 5 of 9

Objective: SWBAT write a "Found Poem" by using the dictionary and making decisions about word choice and line breaks.

Big Idea: Double up on objectives! Poetry Writing and Using a Dictionary.

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