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The students came up with cause-and-effect as the structure of this nonfiction article. As we were discussing cause-and-effect I asked the students to give me examples of cause and effect within the article. The students easily found the cause within the article yet the effects they were giving me were effects that they were foreseeing from the project and not necessarily effects found in the article. Some of the effects were listed within the article and some were not. I decided to have the children take out their whiteboards.  I had them write the cause and then make two columns where one column was effects found within the article and the other column was effects they had come up with on their own. The purpose of this additional activity was to show the students the difference between actual facts found from the article and those we were bringing from our own background and experience.  

  Flexibility: Cause and Effect
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Mars One Close Read - Craft and Structure

Unit 4: Mars One Project
Lesson 2 of 6

Objective: SWBAT identify the structure of the article as well as determine the meanings of unfamiliar words within the text.

Big Idea: In this lesson we will be taking a close look at the craft, structure, and vocabulary of the article "Reality Series From Lionsgate TV & Roy Bank To Chronicle Mission To Colonize Mars." This article is based on the Mars One project.

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English / Language Arts, space exploration, Space Travel, Reading, nonfiction (analysis), Mars One, close read, Craft and Structure, space
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