Reflection: Student Feedback How Evidence Functions in Rhetorical Analysis - Section 4: How Strong is the Analysis?


The best decision I made here was to preface reading the notes from my teacher's manual by telling the students that the writers worked for the college board, and that the essay we were analyzing was most likely an AP student from one of their classes.  They got a bit more serious when I said this (not that they were silly before--the tone just changed a little), and also had some AP test questions like "what would this score?" and "was this written in one draft?"  So I spent a few minutes talking about the test, though not too much, emphasizing that by May they will have a much stronger skill set than they do now and be prepared for it.  I was happy, though, that the students hit on many of the points noted by the authors of the text (they were happy about this, too--it gave more credibility to their answers having more than me agree).  I don't tend to use teacher's manuals very much, but this experience showed me that at least for the rationale behind questions and answers, I will, as part of the test-preparation process throughout the year.  It will be a nice way to do that without being to heavy-handed about the test.

  Kids Very Interested in College Board References
  Student Feedback: Kids Very Interested in College Board References
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How Evidence Functions in Rhetorical Analysis

Unit 2: Understanding Rhetoric
Lesson 12 of 13

Objective: SWBAT recognize how evidence functions in a rhetorical analysis essay through analysis of a student text.

Big Idea: Relevant, specific evidence makes a claim worth reading.

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