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As I note in my video reflection, this lesson went well - but it only went well because I made revisions throughout the day.  The point of the lesson was to get students to understand the concept behind percent, and how to visually represent percent of a number.  My intention was not to trick kids by using examples that required working with decimals (yes, in the future - but day 1 - no!).

When I taught the lesson the first time today, some of the examples were too confusing - kids didn't see the point in using a bar model to break down a number like 8, why was I making them count up by 0.8 - good question.  In between my first two blocks, I edited the smartboard questions, and reprinted the sheet for the kids containing just the bars to show their work.  The problems all became doable, and I still did a table challenge - just differently than I first intended.  I showed a problem on the SB and had every table work it out, then I had one student draw one of eight playing cards (each card represents a table), and which ever table was drawn had to go to the board and work out the problem.  The lesson was awesome come fourth just started off rocky in first! 

I have attached the new Smartboard file to this reflection! 

  Adjustments to Practice: Explore Reflection
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Percent Models - A Visual Approach to Percents

Unit 3: Percents
Lesson 1 of 21

Objective: Students will be able to apply percents to real world problems using a percent bar model.

Big Idea: What is percent? What are you actually finding? Using a bar model, students will explore the meaning and value of percent.

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Math, Percentages, Number Sense and Operations, percent bar model, 7th grade
  60 minutes
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