Reflection: Standards Alignment Analyzing Story Elements as a Whole - Section 2: Reviewing Story Elements


I'm breaking my protocol for teaching a new standard here. Normally, I give multiple practices before assigning a summative, but here, we don't even answer the questions for the complete standard. On one hand, this may be short-changing my students. On the other, this may be building off their strengths.

Past experience teaches me that my students are far more familiar with literature standards than informational standards. Once they have reviewed terms, they are generally able to analyze well. I'm banking on that now. Of course, if I pushed students too fast, we can always circle back to these standards again in our next unit.

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Analyzing Story Elements as a Whole

Unit 3: Text Structure and Language Use in Literature
Lesson 11 of 15

Objective: SWBAT analyze how story elements work together by reviewing story elements and charting their books' elements.

Big Idea: Complete the puzzle--how do the story elements work together to form the big picture?

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