Reflection: Student Ownership Mushroom Man Day 1 - Section 2: First Reading


     Students were very engaged in the read aloud because of the trials and tribulations the Mushroom Man went through just to find a suitable companion.  There were subtle elements of character conflicts and societal conflicts that students can identify with.  This story triggered strong reactions to most students.  Therefore, students kept raising their hands during the story to give feedback.  I remind them to react through their Post-It Notes. However, they were given opportunity for discussion of their reactions and how they convert their reactions to interpretive questions at the conclusion of the second reading.  

  Student Ownership: Handling Strong Student Reactions to Text
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Mushroom Man Day 1

Unit 9: Shared Inquiry Discussion 2
Lesson 1 of 10

Objective: SWBAT develop interpretive questions.

Big Idea: How are interpretive questions incorporated into shared inquiry discussions ?

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English / Language Arts, shared inquiry, interpretive questions, Self, close reading, shared inquiry discussion
  80 minutes
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