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I wasn’t worried about students who needed assistance with the problem and solution portion of the graphic organizer. For many, this was their first time planning a story. They’re accustomed to just writing. Some students had trouble connecting the problem to the solution. Using the questioning technique helped students determine whether or not their story would make sense. Question I would ask were, “How does this solve the problem?” “How does that make sense?” Simply asking, “Does that make sense” isn’t as powerful as, “How does it make sense?” because students sense from your tone that it doesn’t and will simply say no. Asking the ‘how’ forces them to think through the problem and solution scenario and realize it doesn’t. At that point, I would ask, “How could you stop the bad guys from stealing the diamond?” The student would supply a viable solution and I would exclaim, “Yes, that’s a GREAT solution! That makes so much sense!” Other times, it does make sense to the student and talking it through helps the teacher see the student’s thought process. The story details will make the solution clear.

There would be plenty of opportunities to move towards mastery as we will be writing a great deal this year. My special needs student did not complete an organizer this time, but the expectation is that as the year progresses, he will meet the goal with teacher assistance or independently.


  Developing a Conceptual Understanding: They Really Needed Help!
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What's the Plan?

Unit 3: Writing Narratives
Lesson 3 of 6

Objective: SWBAT plan a narrative with story elements using a graphic organizer.

Big Idea: Third graders have a tendency to write in a stream of conscious state. Using a graphic organizer to plan helps them keep their writing focused and cohesive.

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