Reflection: Adjustments to Practice Students Question; Students Answer; Students Read - Section 5: Building Knowledge: Reading the Text


As I alluded to in the narrative, my approach to teaching literature in the past was having students employ extensive during reading strategies such as charting to aid in comprehension. I still think these types of strategies are useful, but I am experimenting with the idea that some students need to do a general reading of the text before analyzing the text. I have done this a few times this year before this lesson, but the more we do it this way, the better I think some students do with the assignments. In the past, students have been less focused on the reading and more focused on filling in the chart--because that's where their grade comes from. I think there are opportunities to stop and think during the reading, but I think my students do a much more strong analysis of the text (and more substantive charting) when they have read chunks of it before we begin discussing/analyzing. This may not be the appropriate way to read for all students, so it is important that teachers make these decisions based on their students.

  During Reading Strategies
  Adjustments to Practice: During Reading Strategies
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Students Question; Students Answer; Students Read

Unit 11: Informational Text Focused Research
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Objective: SWBAT participate in a range of group discussions by sharing the findings from their research; SWBAT do a first reading of "Two Kinds" in order to analyze beliefs and values.

Big Idea: Small groups chit chat about research findings before continuing the quest to understand beliefs and values

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