Reflection: Student Ownership Miss Maggie Day 2 - Section 1: Introduction to Shared Inquiry


     Students came up with a great Interpretive Question for Shared Inquiry:  "Why does Ned keep visiting Ms. Maggie if he is scared?"  We discuss the misinterpretation Ned has regarding Miss Maggie.  We relate this situation to our real lives.  How many time have we misjudge someone?  

     This was a result of a multi-step process students conducted the day prior.  Students participated in multiple readings to delve deeper into the text, make inferences, and analyze text to extract a central theme. Students were given Bloom's higher order question stems to create interpretive questions from student notes and collaboration with partners  As a result, students brainstormed several interpretive questions and decided on one to lead the Shared Inquiry discussion.  This is a carefully thought out and monitored process.  Student ownership resulted when they participated in this collaborative process with their peers. 

  Student Ownership: interpretive Questions
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Miss Maggie Day 2

Unit 8: Shared Inquiry Discussion 1
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Objective: SWBAT participate in collaborative conversations by linking comments to others' remarks, elaborating on topics, and clarifying text under discussion.

Big Idea: How do shared inquiry discussions deepen knowledge ? Students participate in Shared Inquiry discussions revolving around an interpretive question in order to deepen knowledge of text by discussing multiple perspectives.

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English / Language Arts, interpretive questions, shared inquiry discussion, Self, close reading, shared inquiry
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