Reflection: Schema Theory - Section 3: Independent Work


I chose to include Thank You, Mr. Falker as the reading in this lesson because the book connects to the idea of learning to read and is both moving and relatable. I always hold up my copy of the book and as it is a picture book it is non-threatening to the students.  Even my poor readers feel confident with this book.

I have provided a link to both the online text I located to print and use for my classes and the youtube reading of the text. 

If the print copy and/or the online reading were not available, this book could also be read aloud by the teacher while students record connections on their own paper.

  Thank You, Mr. Falker Reflection
  Thank You, Mr. Falker Reflection
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Schema Theory

Unit 1: Routines and Rituals
Lesson 5 of 6

Objective: SWBAT understand and demonstrate how they make connections (including the role of long term and short term memory) to understand new information when reading through textual evidence.

Big Idea: Even Dorie knows…memory is the link to making connections.

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