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It is important to give students a visual of the concept.  To demonstrate going from larger units to smaller units, I had a student pour water from a 1 liter container into 2 measuring cups.  The cups were labeled with milliliters.  One of the cups could hold 600 milliliters.  The remaining water was poured into the second measuring cup.  I let the students know that the measuring cups were labeled by 100 mL.  Together it took 1,000 mL to equal the 1 liter of water.  This showed the students that when going from larger units to smaller units, you must multiply.  

Because of the in depth standards that I am now required to teach for Common Core, I incorporate different strategies to give the students a conceptual understanding of the skill.  The students benefit greatly because of this!

  Developing a Conceptual Understanding: Visuals
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Changing Metric Units

Unit 8: Measurement and Data
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Objective: SWBAT convert units of measure within one system of measurement.

Big Idea: Students can use a conversion chart to help convert units.

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