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This formative was created during a learning community meeting with my team. It's sometimes hard to find the time to create these together with all of the other school-mandated topics that are added to our agenda, but this really is beneficial. It's nice to see how my kids are doing compared to the rest of the grade level, and I get the opportunity to ask for help if my students didn't do so well and other classes did. It's also great to just collaborate with a team. We can all pull texts, analyze the standards and out district unit maps, and come together to create something we think will work for our students. I'd like to take this one step further and have more student input on these assessments as well. 

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THE MEssage in Poetry Formative

Unit 4: Poetry: A Love/Hate Relationship- "Love That Dog"
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Objective: SWBAT apply the strategies learned to find theme in poetry on their own.

Big Idea: It's time to put practice into action! Can you determine the theme of a poem on your own?

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