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I was impressed with this ELL student's "I remember" poem because she made text-to-self connections.

Pathological Fear!

She wrote a poem about remembering being scared during a thunderstorm just like Winn-Dixie in the book Because of Winn-Dixie by Kate DiCamillo.  I was also impressed with her understanding of figurative language.  She said the thing that cheered her up was that in a book she had read that a thunderstorm was the sky sneezing and coughing.  Once again this student is using literature to help her understand herself and the world she lives in.

I think this is a great example of "what her verse will be".  This is a student who I looped with this year.  Last year, we read  Because of Winn-Dixie together as a class and students learned how to summarize each chapter.  When I had playground duty she would pretend that she was Winn- Dixie and crawled on her hands and knees and sneezed and smiled.  It was adorable.  She also wrote an amazing next scene in the book relating to the party at Gloria Dump's house that included Opal, Winn-Dixie, Amanda Wilkerson and a trap consisting of mud pies for the Dewberry brothers- Dunlap and Stevie.

My point is, sometimes for our ELL students it takes longer to integrate ideas across the curriculum. But they can do it with time, relevancy, a language rich classroom,  and lots of opportunities to learn from mentors- teachers, students, and texts.

  Connection to Prior Knowledge: Integration of ideas
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I Remember....

Unit 11: Spark the Poet Inside: Writing Poems
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Objective: SWBAT write a vivid poem using lots of detail based on their own speech patterns and experiences.

Big Idea: Launch Poetry Writing with a Loose Conversational Exercise!

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