Reflection: Student Led Inquiry Poetic Connections: Continuing to Explore the American Dream - Section 2: Poetic Discussion: Jigsaw Groups


We are two days away from Spring Break, and the students are starting to show it.

As the calendar approaches days off, our students increasingly begin to tune out, in fact, a percentage of my students have already left for various vacations, college visits, sporting events/competitions, etc. In order to keep the students engaged, and actively leading their own discussion, I spent increased time circulating the classroom, directly participating in conversations, taking a seat, letting the students in class know that I value their opinions and presence. I also avoid bringing up break as much as possible, despite the temptation to say, "I know we're done in two day, but..." in order to model the idea that class continues and it is their class. The students are appreciative, and it provides us an opportunity to take ownership collectively, especially given they are addressing challenging material right before break, rather than an "easy day" some will try to convince me to have.

  Encouraging Student Discussion: Dealing With Spring Break
  Student Led Inquiry: Encouraging Student Discussion: Dealing With Spring Break
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Poetic Connections: Continuing to Explore the American Dream

Unit 15: Literacy: "The Great Gatsby" Characterization, Style, and Visual Literacy
Lesson 15 of 16

Objective: SWBAT analyze how authors transform a theme from a source work through jigsaw discussion of poetry addressing the theme of The American Dream

Big Idea: Experts on one perspective of Walt Whitman and The American Dream lead their peers in discussion.

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