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As students were working on understanding how to read and write fractions that name part of a whole, I noticed some of them had a difficult time explaining the difference between the shaded and whole part of the fraction model.  To clear this up, I divided students into small groups.  I directed students to fold a sheet of paper in half and then open it.  I ask them how many total parts are there. 2  I ask them to fold another strip of paper into thirds, fourths, sixths, and eights. 

Probing Questions:

What is the total number  of equal parts?

What does the total number represent in a fraction?

What if you shaded in ___ equal parts? (choose a number)

Can you write the fraction?

What does the shaded part represent?

I invite students to share and discuss each model they make.  As students are discussing and sharing, I take notes of their response to use to determine if students required additional support.  

For struggling student: I pair them and ask them to take turns using their models to quiz one another.  One partner holds up a model and asks the other partner to identify the fraction shown.  I give them about 15 minutes to switch roles and repeat.

  Intervention and Extension: What I noticed!
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Can I Have a Piece?

Unit 3: Number & Operations-Fractions
Lesson 18 of 21

Objective: SWBAT read and write fractions that name a part of a whole.

Big Idea: Students love to share things, in this lesson students will openly discuss and use fraction bars to better understand how to identify parts of a whole and write fractions on their own.

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Math, Fractions, identifying details, discussions
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