Reflection: Adjustments to Practice Read-Aloud Chapter 10 - Section 3: Deconstructing Frankenstein's Argument


In looking back on this lesson I realize that I missed a great opportunity to teach my students about ethos, logos and pathos. Instead of just focusing on argument structure, this would be a great place to get into rhetorical strategies and persuasion.  This isn't just an argument of inquiry between the monster and Frankenstein, it's about the monster's need to be heard, and the leadup to his disturbing and all to human request of Frankenstein: the creation of a mate. 

One of the troubles with teaching in a small school with only one section of senior English is that I have to wait a year to reteach a lesson. That's why I make sure to take lots of notes after a lesson is over, and to keep a class diary. I want to make sure that each year is an improvement of the last and that I have a way of going back and looking at what I did the previous year. 


  How I Might Teach This Lesson Diffferently
  Adjustments to Practice: How I Might Teach This Lesson Diffferently
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Read-Aloud Chapter 10

Unit 6: Frankenstein
Lesson 7 of 13

Objective: SWBAT deconstruct the argument between Frankenstein and the monster using tone and mood.

Big Idea: How does mood and tone influence an argument between two characters.

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