Reflection: Student Led Inquiry 100 Penguins: Numbers to 100 - Section 4: Independent Practice & Informal Assessment


The students really enjoyed this lesson.  They asked if they could play the game again during free time.  I always placed one set of the game in the math center.  As I mentioned in the lesson, it was fun to see the students figure out that two of the same number only allowed them to color in one square on the hundred chart. 

I actually was going to tell the students this, but I forgot to mention it when giving directions.  I am glad I did.  I watched as several of the groups made this discovery on their own.  Some immediately figured out they could not color in another number.  Others tried to somehow manipulate the numbers so they could color in a number, but eventually came to the conclusion that another number could not be colored in.

I think as educators, we are often too quick to give the answer to our students.  It is something we need to be cognizant of when planning lessons.  Constructivist style lessons yield a high degree of understanding for students.  I need to remind myself to keep this in mind during my lesson planning. 

  100 Penguinss-Numbers to 100
  Student Led Inquiry: 100 Penguinss-Numbers to 100
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100 Penguins: Numbers to 100

Unit 6: Fun with Numbers 0-20 and Beyond
Lesson 16 of 21

Objective: Students will be able to place numbers 1-100 on a hundred chart.

Big Idea: Most kindergartners are comfortable with rote counting to 100. In this interactive lesson, students get to practice working with the numerals that represent these numbers.

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Math, Number Sense and Operations, SIOP, ELL, counting
  55 minutes
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