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Although the review activity is just that, review, I use it to listen to the thinking of students.  If I only allow them to show their learning with a paper-pencil test, I will miss so much.  Many of my students go much more deeply into a concept when they can discuss and explain with each other. 

This type of activity is easily used by all students, with different levels of tasks, and can be rigorous for all.  As I moved around the room listening and working with students, I was able to do some on the spot teaching and reviewing.  I was also able to continue engaging students in their verbal and written communication of their knowledge.  

If I had only asked students to compare two fractions on the written test, I may not really know if they truly comprehended what that meant.  However, if I talk with them and listen in to their conversations with each other during a task like this, I gleen much, much more. 

Making thinking visible is key to really knowing a student's set of knowledge.

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Show What You Know: A 2 Day Assessment

Unit 8: Comparing Fractions
Lesson 5 of 5

Objective: Students will be able to apply their knowledge of fractions to complete a review game and a written assessment.

Big Idea: After a large unit like fractions, it is important to assess the students ability to apply and communicate their knowledge. These two very different activities will help you assess and record your student's learning according to the Common Core Standards.

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