Reflection: Adjustments to Practice Let it Go! Two Versions of Frozen's Anthem - Section 2: Application


Fabulous lesson, lots of energy- the kids loved it, fun to have beautiful music and singing in the classroom, great comparisons, everything fine......EXCEPT......


I wasn't careful with my placement of the CD player during the audio portion of the lesson, and bothered the teacher next door, and she had to come over to have us turn it down (I turned it off.)  Between the CD and my own kids' singing, it was very loud.  The video portion played the songs through the speakers from the ceiling of the room, and wasn't disruptive . 


I definitely felt terrible about disturbing her classroom.  Lesson learned.



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  Adjustments to Practice: Teacher Reflection
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Let it Go! Two Versions of Frozen's Anthem

Unit 13: Comparison City
Lesson 6 of 8

Objective: TSWBAT listen to the recordings, compare versions, and state an opinion.

Big Idea: Freezing out the competition...Who is the winner? And can the loser just, "Let it Go?"

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