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I read over this story and planned to talk about the animals that would be new information for the kids - garter snake, horn nose tomato, ...  What I had not planned on is the other new vocabulary that the book offered. It was wonderful to talk about these words in context - 'patch', 'nibbling', etc that my kids were not completely familiar with. 

Take the time to talk about review new words in context. When students determine the meaning of words in a text relevant to a content area (science) they are building on reading skills and general knowledge. (RI.2.4) This is a key shift in the Common Core Standards - acquiring and utilizing academic vocabulary in a reading lesson. If kids are using those words to make inferences, remind them that they can use the text to spell them when they use them for evidence. Use what they know-the animals and vegetables-and build on that. 'You know cucumbers... did you know that they grow in a patch?' Here is an example of what that discussion about new vocabulary sounded like.  

  Flexibility: Great chance to learn some new vocabulary
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What's In The Garden? Make Some Conclusions

Unit 13: Inference-What Do You Already Know and How Does the Text Help You?
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Objective: SWBAT use the information from illustrations, text and their schema to make inferences and draw conclusions about events in informational text.

Big Idea: How do we draw conclusions? Using words, pictures and inferences.

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English / Language Arts, Special Education, Reading, conclusion, 2nd Grade, evidence, inference, schema, animal, informational text
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