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We all have our "plans" when we begin a lesson. We have decided what the outcomes need to be, how we will get there, and what we will do to wrap up the lesson.  However, when we trust our students enough, sometimes we go way off course into learning that surprises us. 

When these two boys, one a strong math learner, and another that struggles, began working together to explain to me an understanding they arrived at, I couldn't contain my excitement.  One student was talking about cross multiplying while the other was making sense of using multiplication to find equivalent fractions, all while using one of the day's strategies for representing a comparison.

Trust yourself enough to trust the students and let them take you as far as their curiosity will allow. You will never be bored:)

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Comparing Fractions

Unit 8: Comparing Fractions
Lesson 2 of 5

Objective: Students will be able to compare fractions with different numerators and denominators by creating various models.

Big Idea: Children need to "see" math in order to begin explaining their knowledge. This lesson pairs fraction comparisons with modeling math.

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Math, Fractions, Number Sense and Operations, numerator, denominator, comparing fractions, Math Tools, Number lines, Critical Area
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