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By choosing who went to the board for the table during the challenge, all students were held accountable for doing the work.  At one of my table groups I have a girl who has written off her group and never works with them - she normally gets the answer right, but she just doesn't want to help her table.  However, today she did - and, in fact, they helped her.  She had made the connection that for triangles you divide by 2 and then multiply by 4, which is just the same as multiplying by 2 - but she was halving the height of the triangle and then multiplying by two - which is NOT the same.  Her group actually found and helped her correct her mistake - it was empowering for them.

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Surface Area of a Square Pyramid - What shapes are the faces?

Unit 8: Geometric Measurement
Lesson 14 of 18

Objective: Students will be able to calculate the surface area of a square pyramid.

Big Idea: Students unfold pyramids into their two dimensional nets in order to visualize all the faces and bases needed for calculating surface area.

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