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The exit slips gave me good information not only on who grasped what I taught in class, but also their methods for solving the problems.  A lot of time kids will start skipping steps because they make connections - but if their peers have not made those same connections then there is disconnect when they begin to collaborate on a problem.  After looking over the exit slips, I have rearranged my seating chart so that students were tabled with their "like thinkers." 

I have included Student Work - Write Your Own to show an example of one child's exit slip.  One of the tips I gave the students for making sure they had all of the correct rectangles was to make sure the numbers were each paired with one another, and this could be done in a circular fashion - lxw, wxh, hxl.  That particular strategy is one that this particular student held on to, and it is demonstrated in her work.

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Surface Area of a Rectangular Prism - What shapes do you see?

Unit 8: Geometric Measurement
Lesson 11 of 18

Objective: Students will be able to distinguish between surface area and volume, and calculate the surface area of a rectangular prism.

Big Idea: Can your students wrap a present without wasting paper? After this lesson they will be able to!

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