Reflection: Student Grouping Mice Measurement - Section 4: Independent Practice


I ended up doing this activity in partners. It is difficult to measure the tails because the ribbon I used curls! I partnered students and had them take turns holding the tail straight while the other person measured. This helped students stay organized as they measured. 

Partner work is also aligned to the CCSS vision of preparing students with college-ready skills at all grade levels, one of the main ones being collaboration. Because students are working in partners, they can give each other feedback and learn from each other. All of my students were intent on making sure their partner measured appropriately-gently reminding each other to close up any gaps or to keep the tiles right under the tail.

I did have 2 girls come out with an idea that was another solution to holding the tail straight! See the attached picture to see these two problem solvers at work: Another way to hold the tail straight...

  Student Grouping: Use Measurement Partners!
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Mice Measurement

Unit 14: Time is Money: Hitting all the MD Standards
Lesson 4 of 14

Objective: SWBAT measure lengths using inch tiles and order them from shortest to longest/longest to shortest.

Big Idea: Watch out for that mouse! Students practice nonstandard measurement by measuring colorful mouse tails, and then putting them in order from shortest to longest or longest to shortest.

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