Reflection: High Expectations Cause and Effect with "Jimmy's Boa" Day Four - Section 4: Closure


     At this time of the year I am a real stickler in terms of grading.  I feel that if I set high expectations for my students right now in first grade, that they will have an easier time trying to achieve the standards in later years.  I am setting the foundation for what is expected of them when answering questions by restating the question as the first part of their answer and then to answer to question coherently and concisely.  I don't take it easy on my students just because they are 6 years old.  Young students will rise to your expectations just as an older student will.  I have learned to grade work based on whether they have mastered the standard, not giving them an inflated grade because they always try so hard.  You will find that if you set those same high expectations for your students that you will be surprised at the amazing quality of your students work.  One thing that I have had to let go of this year is that not all of my students will master the work the first time through.  There is power in the struggle and if I keep setting the bar high everyone is moving towards meeting that expectation.  You can see some examples of student work here Student Work Jimmy's Boa.

  High Expectations: Analyzing Student's Work
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Cause and Effect with "Jimmy's Boa" Day Four

Unit 7: Cause and Effect With "The Day Jimmy's Boa Ate the Wash"
Lesson 4 of 4

Objective: SWBAT identify and record the cause and effect relationships in the last part of the story and then be able to answer questions about the story.

Big Idea: We are finishing up the story today. Today we are finishing analyzing the story and determining how the characters interactions cause the events in the story to happen.

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English / Language Arts, Reading, Fiction (Reading), Reading Comprehension, cause and effect
  45 minutes
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