Reflection: Student Ownership The Jade Stone Day 1 - Section 4: Share Out


     Students were intrigued by this story and posted various questions that they wanted to ask about this story.  I noticed that students were eager to post questions with their partners almost in every page.  The depth of their questions indicate that much thought went into their text analysis. The students understood the qualities expected of a partner via the Partner Rubric that I distributed.  The rubric is essential to ascertain that students are  Partnering Together in effective and respective ways.

  Student Ownership: Interpretive Questions
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The Jade Stone Day 1

Unit 8: Shared Inquiry Discussion 1
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Objective: SWBAT develop interpretive questions based on key details in a text.

Big Idea: How do multiple readings of text deepen knowledge ? Students use post-it notes to highlight specific points in the story and collaborate to design interpretive questions.

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English / Language Arts, shared inquiry, interpretive questions, close reading, shared inquiry discussion
  80 minutes
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