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I love the lesson and REALLY enjoyed watching how much the kids got excited about it.  It's amazing how something as simple as giving them real-life tools (menus) can make a huge difference in their enthusiasm.  I do this whenever I can. For instance, with the Journey to Gettysburg lesson, they use AAA Tour Books to cross the country.

Despite loving the lesson, one thing I will definitely change is the menu distribution.  I passed them out randomly, then told them they could trade and pick the kids they worked with.  Well, there was a problem because I also told them they couldn't all have the same menu.  They needed two different ones for the compare and contrast section.

I would either have them compare and contrast the menus with a person seated next to them, or just be sure to rotate menus.  Also, while in groups, I won't insist that they have both types next time.  They can just persuade the class that their restaurant is the best without having to debate it with another student.

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Fries on the Side....Maybe a Breadstick

Unit 13: Comparison City
Lesson 5 of 8

Objective: TSWBAT compare and contrast two menus, write persuasive dialogue on which is better, and perform the skit.

Big Idea: Two menus, dialogue, a favorite emerges.

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pizza hut and applebees
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